The Settlement of the French Grant

Among some of the first settlers along the Ohio River in this county, was a French colony of nearly one hundred families plus other individuals. These immigrants arrived in America about 1790, and then migrated to Gallipolis. (Gallia County). Many had bought land from the Scioto Company, but soon discovered this to be a fraud. The French immigrants had paid for land but received nothing.

In March 1795, Congress granted those French at Gallipolis, 24,000 acres of land. After the surveying, a few still did not have land, so Congress granted 8 more lots of 150 acres each, at the lower end of the previous grant on the Ohio River. John G. Gervais was granted 4,000 acres of the 24,000 acres. He laid out a portion of his tract, which included the Ohio River bottoms, into town lots and out lots. He named his new town Burrsburg in honor of Aaron Burr. In 1832, the land was sold and the town became known as a failure.

Contained within this grant was what is now known as Green Township (Scioto County). The names of those who became permanent  settlers of this area were: Gervais, Vincent, Chabot, Cadot, Dutiel, Chabot, Ruishond, Valodin, Duduit, Bartvaux, Lacroix, Duthy, Faverty, Serot and Andre.